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A gallery of mews

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Welcome to Catography!

This community is dedicated to nothing but the exchange of pictures of cats and kittens. Please read the simple rules below before posting your pictures, and remember The Golden Rule: ALWAYS use an lj-cut when posting pictures.

1. When posting pictures, be they art or photographs, please credit the artist or photographer if you know them. If you see an uncredited picture posted and know artist/photographer, please comment and share the information.

2. Advertising for your own photography/art gallery on this community is allowed, as long as you do it by posting pictures of cats or kittens as examples of your own work.

3. Use an lj-cut! I cannot stress this enough. Large graphics that load on a friends list everytime it's viewed drains bandwidth and can play merry hell with a person's lj design and/or cause unwanted long loading times. If you do not know how to use an lj-cut, please see livejournals FAQ on it here: How do I use an lj-cut?

4. Do not direct-link, please! Do not direct link to pictures posted herein, and do not direct link from sites that are not your own to post here! Bandwidth theft is unacceptable.

5. Be creative. Posting cat-related wallpapers, icons, winamp skins, themes, and even pictures of cat-related crafts is encouraged. NOTE: When posting things such as icons, please state whether or not you'd like to allow others to use these icons, and what kind of credit you would like for them, ect.

6. Never take anything posted on this community and post it on your own website without permission from the artist responsible for that piece.

7. Play nice. Respect each other, respect the moderators.

catography is moderated by daysgoby, joecifur and kofi. Please contact them if you have any issues about the community to address.